David Chen




David Chen was born in China and holds both Bachelor and masters degrees in fine arts.He also holds a graduate diploma in arts education. David taught fine art in university for several years in China. In 1988 he was appointed an editor at the Peoples Fine Art Publishing House in Beijing where he edited several art magazines. In 1989 the French Embassy in Beijing invited him to hold a solo exhibition, however the exhibition was cancelled and his work was banned as he endured the difficult political climate in China after the events of june 4th, 1989. He later re-emerged as a respected artist and went on to win national and international acclaim.He was selected to participate in the ’100 Famous Chinese Artists’ a worldwide traveling exhibition in 1991. In 1992 he won the Silver Hawk Award at the Fourth International Art Contest, Nice, France. David arrived in Melbourne in 1993. He was invited to be part of the Hydra art group that was founded by the Australian Government and the Art Council. Since coming to Melbourne David has worked as a fulltime artist. As well as conducting various painting workshops he has held numerous solo exhibitions. In 1994 his work was exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria. In 2000 one of his beach paintings was selected to be hung at the United Nations Conference.Davids work is represented in private, corporate and municipal collections both in Australia and overseas..







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